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There are usually two kinds of material to produce plastic card, PVC and ABS. PVC is most widely used material, PVC is the abbreviation of PolyvinylChloride, it is one of plastic adornment materials, the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride resin which have added anti-aging agent and modification agent through mixing rubber, rolling, vacuum to produce.

PVC card production process including film fabrication, printing, laminated, print signature panel ,seal cutting and post-processing (print number, embossing number, flat numer, and inject number ,etc) quality inspection, packaging process. Our company use Germany Heidelberg to print PVC CARDS which purchase latest, it can printing high precision, colour rendition accurate, fast production time,improving the traditional fabrication process, and avoids the colour deviation, PVC card surface damage and deformation quality problems. our company have used the procedure to avoid card surface damage and deformation , to make sure every card we made is according with ISO9001 quality system standard.